New Programs for Water Quality Technology Education and Training

Kim D. Jones, Professor and Director, ISEE, Texas A&M University Kingsville


Texas A&M University Kingsville and Texas A&M University San Antonio have teamed up to develop and enhance curricula to better prepare water science and technology graduates for professional practice as water quality experts and innovators.  Proposed new training and certifications will be focused on innovation and efficiency in water conservation and treatment, wastewater and stormwater management, water reclamation and reuse, and watershed management and planning.

This discussion will focus on some of these proposed enhancements, and also include advanced graduate education for non-traditional and professional students including online and hybrid graduate programs.  Student training in membrane and chemical processes, desalination, biological and microbiological treatment, industrial and oil and gas water recycling, water regulations and policy, and business planning and economics will all be included as part of the enhanced curricula.