Albuquerque 2018 EPA Region 6 Stormwater Conference PRESENTATIONS


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8:00-12:00 pm Workshop 1: GI/LID Construction Inspection Workshop 3: SW Quality Monitoring Certified Inspector Training Workshop 5:  MS4 Permits Workshop 7: Construction General Permit
1:00-5:00 pm Workshop 2: BMP Maintenance Workshop 4: Sediment in Stormwater Certified Inspector Training Workshop 6:  TMDLs Workshop 8: MSGP


Alvarado Ballroom
8:00 -8:15 am Opening Session: EPA News & Program Priorities [Charles W. Maguire, Director, EPA R6 Water Division] and Dr. Kim Jones, Ph.D., P.E., Texas A&M University
8:15-9:15 am Welcome to the City: Jerry Lovato, P.E., AMAFCA and Tim Keller, Mayor, City of Albuquerque
9:15-10:00 am EPA Program Priorities and News: David Garcia, Deputy Director, EPA R6 Water Division and Nelly Smith, Municipal Stormwater Coordinator, EPA R6
10:00-10:15 am
10:15-11:30 am Trends and Innovation in GIS Research, Implementation and Education: Dave Gatterman, P.E., Southern Sandoval County Arroyo Flood Control Authority and Dr. Kim Jones, Ph.D., P.E. Texas A&M University-Kingsville
Panel: UNM Dept. of Landscape Architecture [Kathleen Kambic, Ph.D.], Steve Glass, CNMCC, Sara Ganley, Bohannon Huston Inc., The Need for Interdisciplinarity in Low Impact Development Research & Education [Jason Vogel, Ph.D., University of Oklahoma], Molly Blumhoefer, CNMCC.
11:30-1:00 pm
Lunch Break on Your Own
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1:00-1:30 pm AR Breakout/Open Forum Q&A NM Breakout/Open Forum Q&A TX Breakout/Open Forum Q&A LA Breakout/Open Forum Q&A OK Breakout/Open Forum Q&A [Nathan Vassar] Averting Down Pipe Scrutiny: Water Quality Approaches and Strategies
1:30-2:00 pm [David Carlson] Wrapping exterior water management into the discussion with clients
2:00-2:30 pm [Troy Dorman] Design and Construction Considerations for Reduced Maintenance
2:30-2:45 pm
MS4 Track                          Alvarado A Const./Industrial              Alvarado C Watershed Protection/TMDL   Alvarado F Resiliency/GI-LID                      Alvarado G Education/Panel discussions – Alvarado H
2:45-3:15 [Rachel Hertzman] Measuring the effect of Urban Development on Runoff Volumes in ABQ, NM [Michele Loudenback] Back to the Future: Recreating Connections with the Construction Community [Savannah Martinez] Albuquerque’s North Diversion Channel – Stormwater Quantity Monitoring with Pressure Transducers    [Canceled by presenter] [Van Clothier] Improving Stormwater Management with Public/Private Cooperation
3:15-3:45 [Tim McDonough] Re-vitalizing Los Ranchos Commercial Cooridor with lights, color & GI/LID Stormwater Systems [Samuel Loftin] Semi Arid Stabilization Fundamentals [Erin English] Urban Site Stormwater Retrofits for Net Zero Water, Urban Ecology & Water Resilience [Donnie Duneman] Arid LID on the Main Stem of an Ephemeral Arroyo – Lower Montoyas Water Quality Feature Project PANEL: Public/Private Partnerships                                                                                                        Mandy Griegos (Urban Waters/HUD), Steve Glass (Ciudad SWCD), Andy Otto (Santa Fe Watershed), Jim Brooks (Solutions TCWC), Sarah Hurtteau (Nature Conservancy), Jennifer Dann (State Forestry EMNRD), Catlow Shipek (Watershed Management Group), Van Clothier (Stream Dynamics, Inc.), John Romero (NM OSE), Nelly Smith (EPA R6).
3:45-4:15 [Arka Pandit] Removal and Recovery of Phosphorous from Non-Point Source using Permeable Reactive Barriers
4:15-4:30 pm
4:30-6:30 pm GI/LID Poster Competition – Alvarado B {Removal and Recovery of Phosphorus Using Permeable Reactive Barriers [Rachel Chai], Incorporating Green Infrastructure And Habitat Into An Educational Recreation Space [Houle Kambic], Alameda Drain & Trail [Sholtis], Development for the City of Dallas and Incorporation into Local Project, Hayden Consultants Inc. [Smith Cross], Trinity River Vision Water Quality Initiatives [Villareal Peterson], Toyota North America Headquarters Rainwater Harvesting [Hall], Guided Raindrops Grow Trees [Beshur], A naturalistic approach to watershed restoration and flood mitigation [Altmann, Gutierrez], Optimizing Stormwater Management, Sustainable Site Design, and Water Efficiency [Bare]}
5:30-6:30 pm Exhibitor Reception – Outside Pavilion (Appetizer Provided!)


MS4 Stormwater Management                                Alvarado A Construction/Industrial     Alvarado B Watershed protection/TMDL                      Alvarado C Resiliency/GI-LID 

  Alvarado F

Education/Panels                                           Alvarado H
8:00-8:30 [Erika Nordstrom] Illicit Discharges, Oh My! What do I do to meet my permit requirements? A small MS4 approval to IDDE training [Shellie Eaton] City of ABQ MSGP Industrial Program Development [Craig Hoover] Lower Bear Arroyo Tributary – Water Quality Innovations in a Flood Conveyance Channel [Joseph Charles] Stormwater Culture Shock: Implementing LID on the Hill [Tara Ross] Capturing educational opportunities and creating involvement: Stormwater outreach and participation right under your nose
8:30-9:00 [Jonathon Tyrrell] BEMP Presentation Proposal: Serving the Bosque, the Students and the community
9:00-9:30 [Brad Sumrall] Advancing Green Infrastructure, Low Impact Development and Sustainable Practices in Bernalillo County [Mark Wharton] Developing an Effective Post Construction Stormwater Program-Lessons Learned [Chad Johannesen] Implementation of a Microbial Source Tracking Program for the City of ABQ [Shane Carpani] The Stormwater Benefits of High-Performance Urban Trees [REDUCED FROM 45 minutes] [Betsy Fulreader] Spring to River: Hidden in Plain Sight, Talking Talons Youth Leaderships EPA Environmental Education Project
9:45-10:15 [Sarah Ganley] MS4 Permit Compliance Reporting [Amy Reed] How to Set Up for Success: Private Facility Inspection for MSGP Coverage under MS4 Compliance [Daniel Paulson] Sediment Deposition in Cochiti Reservoir and the Rio Grande: 3D Comparison to Pre Dam Conditions [Tess Houle] For the Health of the Middle Rio Grande Valley: A proposal for Green Stormwater Infrastructure 9:45 – 10:05 am [Wendy Blackwell (DHSEM), Daniel Estrada (NM Office of State Eng.), and Brian Keller (UNM)] Acequia Mapping and Risk Assessment in NM
10:15-10:45 [Will Pockman] Tree Physiology in Arid Climates: Adaptations to Stormwater Surges and Persistent Drought cont. Cont. Cont. 10:05 – 10:25 am [Randy Rush (EPA R6 Senior Policy Advisor), Nelly Smith (EPA R6 MS4 Coordinator)] Overview of Agriculture and Stormwater Regulatory Framework
10:45-11:15 [Taufiqul Alam] Development of Decision Making Tool (DMT) for Stormwater Detention Requirements in Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas [Ryan Bare] Optimizing water efficiency, sustainable site design, and stormwater management: A case study on the first LEED Platinum Green Building in Montgomery County, Texas [Gerhard Schoener] Importance of Impervious Surfaces for Small Storm Hydrology [Kathleen Verhage] LID Retrofit Study and Permeable Pavement Pilot Project as a City Maintenance Facility 10:25 – 11:15 am Panel: Agriculture – Stormwater Nexus Panel Discussion [Zack Ogaz/Jason Casuga (MRGCD), Jerry Lovato (AMAFCA), Phil Bove (Acequia Madre), Randy Rush (EPA R6 Senior Policy Advisor), Nelly Smith (EPA R6 MS4 Coordinator)]
11:30-1:30 pm Keynote Speaker: Bruce Thomson, Ph.D., P.E. Challenges of Stormwater Management in Arid Environments
EPA R6 Conference Awards and Announcement of Winners from the GI/LID Poster Competition
Alvarado Ballroom
1:30-5:00 pm

Field Trip A 

Tijeras Remediation Project

Field Trip B

UNM Open Channel Hydraulics Lab.

 1:30-6:30 pm

 Field Trip C 

GI/LID Project sites

Field Trip D 

GI/LID Design Charrette


MS4 Stormwater Management                                  Alvarado A Construction/Industrial     Alvarado B Watershed Protection/TMDL   Alvarado C Resiliency/GI-LID  

Alvarado F

Education/Panels                                           Alvarado H
8:00-8:30 [Juliana Morelli] Shared Obligations: Lessons Learned from Common Plan Projects [Jason Vogel] Nutrient Leaching from Compost Filter Socks used for Managing Construction Site Runoff [Mauricio Larenas] Finding and Reducing Bacteria at the Source with the Droplet Digital [Brad Bingham] Southwest Valley Flood Reduction Project – Raven Pond [John May] Leveraging Azure, Collector, and SSRS for a Statewide Stormwater Management and Reporting System
8:30-9:00 [Curtis Beitel] Fixer Upper – Waco’s Post Construction Criteria Development [Holly Wheeler/Terrill Lemke] Case Study: Implementation of MSGP Monitoring at a Large Federal Facility [William Foley] Stormwater Management: A Watershed approach at Los Alamos National Laboratory [Bruce Thomson] Stormwater Capture in the Arid Southwest: Flood Protection vs. Water Supply [Dave Gatterman] Public Outreach and Education: The soft-skills of MS4 Permit
9:00-9:30 [Melissa McLamb] Creative Local Partnerships in Cultivating Watershed Stewardship – From Elementary School to Retirement
9:45-10:15 [Erika Nordstrom] Common Plans of Development and the Developer-Builder Municipality [Kerri McCabe] The Urbanization of Northwest Arkansas: The Construction Stormwater General Permit and Actual Inspection from Urbanized Areas [Tyler Ashton] West I-40 Diversion 45 years of Flood Protection and Water Quality [Jaime Sayer] The Revitalization of the Los Angeles River: More than just a movie set PANEL: GI/LID Infrastructure Management [Melissa McDonald (City of Santa Fe), Kevin Daggett (City of ALB), Dave Gatterman (SSCAFCA), Patrick Chavez (AMAFCA), Jim Brooks Solutions, Inc. George Radnovich, Sites Southwest]
10:45-11:15 [Julie Kutz] City of ABQ Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination (IDDE) Program [Brad Sumerall] MS4: Middle Rio Grande MS4 Permit Compliance Activities by the City of ABQ  [REDUCED FROM 45 minutes] [Claudia Browne] Living Networks: Prioritizing stormwater strategies for both human and natural communities sharing a watershed     [Caceled by presenter]
11:30-12:15 pm Innovate Permit Compliance – Patrick Chavez (Albuquerque Metropolitan Arroyo Flood Control Authority)
Alvarado DE
12:15-12:30pm 2018 Conference Memories and 2019 Conference Planning Q&A